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Do you want to own an apartment / villa / bungalow in a beautiful setting near Cambodia's natural and cultural resources? Are you interested in getting away from the world's many tourist areas to see the real life of the country you reside in? Do you want a car to feel like you become part of an exciting country with beautiful surroundings, experiences and neighbors at close range? Then you are welcome to us. We build small complex to blend in with the Cambodian environment with the indigenous people as neighbors. However we do not tamper with the convenience and thoughtful design and select materials and suitable soil conditions. It exudes luxury and relaxation and to enjoy a relaxing time off during their stay in their own paradise. Cambodia has a lot to offer with its beautiful scenery, long beaches, mountains and nature reserves. Now that's quality of life '!
Welcome here.
Our buildings are both apartment buildings, detached houses, bungalows. In particular, we focus on the resorts of Kep and Sihanoukville. Our houses are built on a small scale in order to maintain the domestic charm. Many of builder in Thailand and Spain as we see are often losing contact with surrounding. These builder have been built up, mainly to foreign tourists and having feeling of being in the ghost towns. We at the Cambodia Eco Living builds rather small apartment house or detached villas involved in the common areas to blend into mainstream Cambodian environment with the indigenous people as neighbors. We think that this is the quality of life. The Cambodian countryside is stunningly beautiful with long, beautiful beaches, mountains and nature reserves