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All our construction projects designed to blend into the surrounded environment they will be built in. In the case of materials of the buildings we always choose the best to handle the tropical climate, we always build such walls in stone to withstand the high humidity and to minimize the risk of insect pests that are often a problem in this environment of wooden buildings.
PROJECT IN KEP (Saling going on)


The current project

Where the current project located?
Answer: The coastal of Kep

How to get there?:
Answer: Flying to Phnom Penh, then bus or taxi.It takes about one and half hour travelling to Kep by taxi or car and 2 and half hours by bus.
Keps airport being build to facilitate the relationship between Phnom Penh Kep Phu Quock (Vietnam)

As foreigners, do we have right to own apartments in Cambodia?
Answer: Foreigners have right to own apartments except the ground floor apartment

Distances from the apartment to the different attractions of Kep

Nature reserves: 30 meters
Sea: 500 meters
Pool: Common swimming pool in the garden 10 x 5m
Market: 500 meters
Restaurant: The closest is on the same street
Bank: The nearest bank located in Kampot, about 20 km.
Post office: In Kampot, but mails could be left at hotels
Bars and Restaurants: You can find it every where
Golf Course: The nearest is in Phnom Penh

OBSERVATION: Kep is fully expanded. In the near future (1 or 2 years) Kep will be really tourism paradise.

Construction Engineering for building

Area: 126m2 (14 x 9m) included 3,5 meters balcony . Spiral stairway separates two balconies on each floor. This staircase called fire escape stairs or pool stairs.
Foundation: Concrete slab on the macadam
Support beams of floors: Poured concrete slab
Frames: Poured concrete
Wall: Brick wall, plastered and painted white in a high quality of paint
Roof: Covered with tiles
Ceiling: Smooth finish and painting in white
Window: stained glass
Doors: Both the outer and inner doors are in specially treated metal
Floor and baseboard: Floor covered by tiles is in gray color. Baseboard of 5 cm in height is in tile of gray color
Stairs: The ramps of the main stairs and spiral staircase are cast in concrete. The railings are in metal
Bathroom and WC: Showers with a moisture barrier. Floor and wall are tiled. Bathtub, toilet seat and sink are in European standard. - Simple water heater.
Ventilation: Mechanical ventilation exhaust fan on the kitchen stove, exhaust fan for toilets and bathrooms and ventilation through the door
Electricity: The municipal electricity. All electrical outlets are three-phase
Kitchen: Equipped kitchen ( fridge - freezer, stove, wooden display cases). Tiled wall above the sink. Cast Concrete counter, covered with black tiles
Lighting: Recessed lighting in all caps.
Cooler: Air conditioning with remote control: 2 per apartment.
Water: The spring water of the mountain behind stored in a tank.
IT, Telephone and Television: Cable TV, Internet (bread-band mobile) and mobile phone.
Fence: Brick-wall, two meters height. 2 entrance doors, one for car and one for users.
Footpaths and pavements: Tiles around the pool. Small paths in concrete slab are on lawn.
Garden: Flowers, trees (especially coconut threes) and lawn.
Swimming pool: Fresh water pool, 10 m long and 5 m wide is suitable for children and adults.
Drainage: Drainage is especially in the garden
Garage: One garage each
Extra dishwasher, washing machine and air conditioning can be requested (not including in the contract)

Period of construction and plan of payments

The construction will be started between: 01/01/2014 and 01/04/2014.
And will be finished between 01/01/2015 and 01/04/2015
Methods of payment:
Price= $ 59800 paid in four periods
Plan of payement:
Purchase contract: $ 5,000 paid by buyer within 30 calendar days after receiving notice of payment
Step 1: $ 20 000 shall be paid to seller's bank within 30 calendar days after completion of the work of foundation.
Step 2: $ 20 000 shall be paid to the seller's bank within 30 calendar days after completion of the work of walls and floors
Step 3: 12 000 shall be paid to seller's bank within 30 calendar days after completion of the total construction entirely
Step 4: Hand over keys and inspection of the apartment: $ 2800, payable in cash.


If the project is not started before 01/04/2014, the deposit is refunded to the purchaser within 30 calendar days, and the contract will be canceled. If the project is completed later than expected, the seller must pay damages to the purchaser a rate of 2% of the purchase price and the amount must be paid within 30 calendar days. In case of late payment by the buyer, an interest of 14% will be charged. A reminder of the payment within 30 calendar days of sending. After this period of 30 days and the amount is not arrived at the bank, the buyer loses the right to own and the seller having right to resell it and all previous contracts are cancelled

Tax and fee:

In Cambodia you pay property taxes for immovable property if and only if the value of the property exceeds $ 20,000. A 0.1% tax will be charged for any amount exceeding $ 20 000. For example, an apartment worth $ 59800, the tax is: 59800 - 20000 = 39800 and 0.1% of 39800 which is $ 39,8 which means that your tax will be $ 39.8 per year. The fee of changing ownership is about $ 100 and paid by the seller

This property is a co-ownership of eight owners and should be operated as a union of eight owners. During the first 6 months, all costs of maintenance of property are in charge of seller. For facilitating the administration of property, Co-owners should form an association of co-owners to take care of expenses.

Sales contract

Contract Number:
Project Number:
Project Address:
Current object: Apartment (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1, D2)
Full name of buyers:
ID number of buyers:
Passport number of buyers:
Passport issued by countries:
Delivery date:
Buyers complete address:
Nationalities of buyers:
Telephone number of buyers:
Permanent address of buyers:
Name of the sellers company: Cambodian Eco Living Co., Ltd.
Seller's phone number: +855 12 439310
Seller address: Street 172, house E3 48 Sankat chey jumnas, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
E-mail address:

Signature of Seller:
Signature of Buyers:
Name of Seller:
Name of company : Cambodian Eco Living Co., Ltd.
Fingerprint Seller:
Fingerprint buyers:
Place and date: